When COVID-19 began its pernicious spread, causing Americans to lock down and employers to close or curtail their workplaces, lawyers were busy advising clients on required leaves of absence, the eligibility of laid-off employees for unemployment compensation and other paid benefits, as well as other legal issues associated with closing a business or sending a workforce home.

Employees are a company’s most important asset.  Without employees, an employer is unable to manufacture its goods, provide the services it offers, or engage in its normal business activities.  We have seen many clients struggle to balance the business and financial needs of their company with compassion and concern for their employees.

As restrictions and shut-down orders are diminishing, many companies are moving from concerns about closing their business to consideration of the best way to operate during the pandemic.  Many employers continue to allow all or a substantial number of employees to continue to work from home, but are seeking advice on how best to ensure employee accountability and efficiency when working remotely.  Other employers are dealing with the challenges of returning employees to the workplace when some do not want to return.

The Labor and Employment Law practice group at Larkin Hoffman thought it would be helpful to prepare a resource that employers could use as a starting point for evaluating the legal issues associated with operating a business in the current COVID-19 environment. We have prepared The Minnesota Employer’s Guide to Navigating Workplace Issues During COVID-19 to assist employers grappling with the complex legal and human resources questions that arise.  This guide is an additional resource to the articles, blog posts, webinars and podcasts which can be found in Larkin Hoffman’s COVID-19 Resource Center.  Please understand that this guide is not intended to be definitive legal advice, but rather a resource for employers to review in order to identify potential issues and when to seek legal counsel to assist with the implementation of decisions.

Our labor and employment attorneys are available for consultation and advice during the pandemic.  We hope you find The Minnesota Employer’s Guide to Navigating Workplace Issues During COVID-19 to be a helpful resource.

View and download a copy here.