As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, many employers are navigating the best path forward for their business to ensure we keep our communities healthy while also protecting against potential litigation.  Employers and employees are asking many questions about their rights and thoughtful comprehensive planning and policies are necessary.  Employers have questions about whether they are able to mandate vaccines or whether they should offer employees an incentive to be vaccinated.  Employers also want to know about their obligations to accommodate vaccine exemptions; should employers develop remote work policies; and what reasonable accommodations need to be made while operating during a pandemic?

Larkin Hoffman’s employment attorneys Phyllis KarasovDan Ballintine and Andrew Moran recently sat down for Finance and Commerce in the webinar Returning to Work in the Short Term and for the Long Haul to address legal and human resources questions that employers are facing.

As a follow-up to the webinar, our attorneys have put together an updated version of their Minnesota Employers Guide to Navigating Workplace Issues During COVID-19, originally published last October, to help answer new questions your organization may be facing and to help businesses avoid potential pitfalls and unwanted outcomes.

Larkin Hoffman’s employment law team identifies and resolves workplace issues in this rapidly evolving and highly regulated area. Our attorneys provide counsel and advice to businesses, public employers and other organizations about all aspects of the employment relationship.

As Congress, state legislatures, local government and the courts continually change employer obligations and employee rights, employers need experienced counsel to help confront problems and comply with applicable law.  We provide advice to employers across the full range of employment law and human resources.   Please reach out to any of our employment attorneys if you have questions or need guidance about how to best handle your employment matters during the pandemic.

To read and download a copy of the updated guide Minnesota Employers Guide to Navigating Workplace Issues During COVID-19, click here.

To register and listen to a free recording of the Finance and Commerce webinar Returning to Work in the Short Term and for the Long Haul, click here.