Larkin Hoffman’s employment and labor attorneys help employers to identify and resolve ‎workplace ‎issues. We provide counsel to businesses, public employers and other organizations about ‎all aspects ‎of the employment relationship. We assist clients in formulating and administering ‎employment ‎policies and procedures designed to avoid problems and litigation. We counsel clients ‎about local, state ‎and federal laws and regulations, regulatory schemes, policy matters, labor relations, ‎wage and hour, ‎discrimination and retaliation, business torts, non-competition, confidential ‎information and trade secrets, independent contractor status, FMLA and other ‎matters that affect ‎everyday business activity. We respond to charges of discrimination filed with local, ‎state and federal ‎agencies on behalf of clients and represent them in state and federal courts in all ‎areas of labor and ‎employment law.‎ We also represent employers in all aspects of labor relations, including assistance in ‎union representation campaigns, negotiation of union contracts, and representation of employers in ‎grievances and arbitrations.